Simple Living RIGHT NOW
Not sure if Simple Living Right Now is the book for you?
Just ask yourself these questions:

* Do you feel overwhelmed by work but know the mounting bills require you to log countless hours?

* Do you feel trapped in a job that isn’t your dream or utilizing your natural gifts?

* Do you feel like you are missing out on the best parts of your family’s lives because you are pulled in a million directions?

* Are you strangled by anxiety or clutter or endless to-do lists?

* Do you feel frustrated you are doing all that you can—but you never seem to get ahead?
* Are you unhappy with your job/school/life?

Friends, if you said yes to any of these questions, this book is for you.
Please be sure to send an email with your receipt to to collect your pre sale bonuses!
Please be sure to send an email with your receipt to to collect your pre sale bonuses!
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You Will:
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  •  Learn quick and simple tips from the book with extra pointers that we use to stay on top of purging our house.
  •  Get access to an EXCLUSIVE BONUS offer at the end of the webinar to go with your copy of Simple Living Right Now.
  •  Have a Q&A session where you can interact with me, ask me tips and tricks, or specifics you have about simplifying your life!
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Brynn Burger is the creator of The Mama on the Rocks. She is a writer, speaker, and coach to parents of extreme children, fellow or future Roadschoolers, and folks looking to simplify their lives to reclaim the joy-filled journey we’re meant to live!

Brynn has 20 years of experience working with a wide variety of ages with both physical and mental disabilities. Her expertise and research in the field peaked when her own son began exhibiting signs of behavior disorders in 2012. 

She and her husband sold their farm to live tiny in 2017 in order to better meet the needs of their extreme child and since then have been Roadschooling their kids and traveling for speaking events about the benefits for mental health and joy in living simply while chasing a life of adventure. 

Since then, Brynn has created eCourses, spoken at conferences, and taught educators, professionals, and parents throughout the country about how to raise extreme children and how to differentiate for them within a classroom environment. She has spoken throughout the US at events surrounding simple living and why it is possible for everyone, no matter the size of their home.
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